Experienced, Local Representation In South Texas

Personalized Family Law Service With Over 10 Years Of Experience

Hiring an attorney does not have to be intimidating. At The Law Office of Steve Lopez PLLC, I make sure to provide a welcoming, friendly atmosphere. You will receive personal attention throughout the duration of your family law challenge.

I have spent more than 10 years representing clients in Corpus Christi and throughout Central and South Texas. My background in civil litigation grants me a unique perspective that is rare among lawyers. It also helps me consider the implications of dividing a business in a divorce.

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You don’t just work with me – you work with my skillful team of three experienced paralegals. As a forward-thinking group, we implement the latest technology to benefit you.

Attentive Advice Backed By Detailed Knowledge

My practice focuses on family law and only family law. As a result, I have an incredibly detailed understanding of Texas’s legal codes pertaining to your divorce, custody dispute and other family legal matters. I advise you one-on-one about how to achieve your goals and how realistic these goals are. You always receive transparent pricing, prompt communication and personal support from me.

The Importance Of Skilled Legal Advocacy

When the stakes are as high as your and your family’s happiness, it is crucial that you have an experienced lawyer to advocate for you. Having handled thousands of cases, I understand which evidence is important and which is not. I know how to help you regulate emotion and remain detached, calm and in control. Perhaps most importantly, I know how to inform you of your options and rights so you can make wise decisions about the futures of the people who matter to you.

Contact An Attorney Who Can Help You

You do not have to go through the overwhelming stress of a divorce or another family dispute on your own. I can help you. To discuss what I can do for you, please schedule an initial consultation. Call my office in Corpus Christi at 361-500-4052 or send me an email.