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Last updated on September 22, 2022

Child custody and visitation – also referred to as conservatorship and possession in Texas – are two of the most important issues to any parent. At my firm, The Law Office of Steve Lopez PLLC, you can rely on me for strong yet empathetic counsel from the first step of your case and into the future.

I know that custody disputes are immensely stressful – particularly for children. To ease the difficulty, I try to make matters as calm as possible. In my practice, I have handled nearly every imaginable type of conservatorship issue. Some of these include:

  • Joint conservatorship
  • Sole conservatorship
  • Third-party conservatorship
  • Parental alienation
  • Paternity designations
  • Fathers’ rights
  • Out-of-state relocation
  • Conservatorship related to domestic violence
  • Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) cases

In some situations, one parent might try to turn the child against the other parent through negative comments or by refusing to allow them access to the child. I have seen many cases like this, so I act swiftly when working on your case to stop the other parent’s negative behavior, improve your relationship with your child and show the alienation tactics to the court.

You And Your Kids Deserve A Strong Approach

Because issues related to children are so important, I take a very thorough approach. I get to know you to learn about your relationship with your child. I want to know about any mental health concerns, substance abuse history or criminal records for everyone involved. Often I collaborate with teachers, private investigators, child psychologists and other professionals to get their outside opinions.

The Knowledge And Communication You Need

Texas has guidelines for conservatorship, but courts do not have to adhere to them strictly. Judges have a great deal of discretion, which means that you have a lot to lose. You need a lawyer like me who can come up with creative solutions. I understand the local trends regarding the law and what the latest studies show for children’s best interests. I communicate openly and honestly, so you have realistic expectations of the outcome.

Tell Me About Your Conservatorship Needs And Goals

Work with me to have an attorney who can advocate for your rights. You can reach my Corpus Christi office at 361-500-4052 or send me an email to set up an initial consultation. I speak fluent Spanish, as does my staff.