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At The Law Office of Steve Lopez PLLC, I assist the people of Corpus Christi with all of their family law issues. I understand that these are difficult cases, which is why I serve each of my clients with compassion and care. My goals are to vigorously defend your interests, to get you the results you need and to get you back to your normal life as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The legal team at The Law Office of Steve Lopez PLLC

Experienced Family Law Attorney Dedicated To My Clients

At my office, I am committed to helping all my clients to the best of my ability so they get the results that they need. I have been representing clients in family court for over a decade, and in that time, I have assisted clients with a wide range of issues including divorce, child custody and support, establishing paternity, facilitating adoptions, and numerous others.

All my clients know that when they work with me, they are getting a professional who understands their issues and can provide them with the counsel that they need in a difficult time. I am focused on my clients, and I am determined to keep their goals at the forefront of all legal strategies.

Committed to helping families in Nueces County and Saint Patricio with family law matters for over a decade

I Can Assist With Complex Divorces

Divorce is one of the most difficult cases for clients to handle, as the stress and emotional toll can be significant, especially when children are involved. I am experienced at representing my clients in divorce cases and can help in very complex asset distribution or high value asset litigation.

My team and I are focused on assisting clients, and a pillar of my firm is being responsive and attentive to clients. That means that when I am representing you, I keep you involved in your case, making certain that you are able to make strategic decisions based on the strategies I present to you as your case evolves.

Client Focused And Results Driven

Don’t Risk Your Family’s Future. Let Me Be Your Legal Advocate.